A Box Office Smash

Today’s NY Times article on how animated animal blockbusters distort/fabricate animal gender roles is fascinating, especially when it starts imagining what a realistic Bee Movie would include:

Should a queen fly by, she may be mobbed by a dozen or more males, each seeking the chance to love her to death: bee flinging, like bee […]

Lake of Fire

I went and saw that abortion documentary today. Heavy stuff, and impressive how the filmmakers managed to make a movie where, even though the “pro-life” people come off as creepy and too ready to utilize evil means, you still can’t dismiss their concerns as crazy. I hadn’t realized how human some fetuses look when they’re […]

Veggie Kids Are Better

Now that I know about this contest, I’m heavily considering having a kid. And becoming vegetarian. And developing ‘cuter’ genes. Anytime I can win vicariously while cementing my dirty hippie credentials, I’m there.

Exploding the Nuclear Family

I think Greif’s paper, discussed in the previous post, inadvertently revealed the big flaw in nuclear families: they cannot provide security. Once upon a time, possibly in the postwar period (or is this too a myth?) it was possible for middle class white men to have a high income, dependable job. They would stay at […]

Men loooooved Nuclear Families

In reading Family Structure, Institution, and Growth(link to pdf) by Avner Greif, I happened upon this fascinating little tidbit:

Relative to the kinship family structure, the nuclear family has both growth-enhancing and growth-retarding properties. For example, while the nuclear family enhances flexibility in economic decision-making, kinship groups can better provide social safety nets than the […]

Inconsistent Paternalism

Matt Zeitlin makes the case that doctors refusing to give tubal ligations to women under thirty is okay because:

…everyone under 30 could use some soft paternalism, and permanent decisions of this nature ought to be extensively thought through, and then thought through some more. Doctor’s also have extensive personal and collective wisdom on this […]