A Fine President

To my liberal friend who won’t let the thought experiment of a Ron Paul presidency go:

Ron Paul, on the other hand, has no shot. No natural constituency capable of carrying him through the Republican primaries. No unexpected polling strength in an early primary state. And wait till his views on such weighty matters as […]

Lazy Candidates Then and Now

Intelligent piece comparing the Clark ’04 and Thompson ’08 candidacies by Publius at ObWi. An excerpt:

The Clark and Thompson campaigns have eerily similar pre-histories. Because the party elites and rank-and-file weren’t very happy with the slate of candidates, Clark and Thompson’s names got floated for months. Party members didn’t know much about them, so […]

You’re Hurting America

I agree with the arguments at Ways to End the World (here and here) that Tucker should have to turn in his pundit car keys for his interview at MSNBC. Of course, his assholery mostly exists in the tone of his statements, without a “nappy-headed hos” smoking gun, so I think he’s safe. Sadly.

What […]

We are ruled by silly, silly people.

Suburban Guerrilla extracts from The Rove Presidency the revealing truth about the lofty concerns of the politically powerful:

To autograph or not to autograph.

3am Roundup

I went hiking today and neglected the internets. Disengaging actually feels pretty good, which is worrisome. I wouldn’t want to develop bad meatspace habits that interfere with my blogging. My readers (-der?) would cry.

Anyway, assorted thoughts:

Predictably, I join with my similarly draft-age comrades, Matt Zeitlin and Mike Meginnis in opposing the return of […]

Turning Arnold Blue

I haven’t been paying enough attention to this, but the California budget continues to be deadlocked one vote shy of the 2/3’s required to pass. The problem is the Republicans, naturally, who are borrowing plays from their US Senate brethren and trying to dictate policy despite the fact that the public has chosen to keep […]

Baptists for Psrodt

Visiting Jesus Politics (it is Sunday), I ran across a link to The Curse of Ham: Why Barack Hussein Obama Will Never Be President, brought to us by Baptists for Brownback. The post relies on racist theology to explain why Obama can’t be president, and the commenters take the ball and run with it to […]

Get Ready for Huckmentum!

Huckabee comes in second at the Ames Shakedown Straw Poll! Which (I think) means he “won” since Romney outspent everyone and his victory was a forgone conclusion.

Now I know it’s blasphemy…but if Huckabee were to make I <3 Huckabees his campaign slogan, I’d have to consider voting for him, despite the whole, you […]

George vs. Fred

So I guess this means we won’t see a Cox + Combe’s Thompson video?

An appetizer:

Presided over the Constitutional Convention Drove around Tennessee in a red pickup truck

Bush Confuses Me

What I don’t understand about Bush’s strategy of indefinate detainment in Guantanamo for political reasons (as outlined by Brian Beutler) is that at some point, there will be a Democratic administration that will release people. Possibly not in 2008, but certainly by 2040s when detainees start dying of natural causes.

When that happens, there will […]


Money quote from today’s New York Times article about the Minnesota bridge collapse:

“Bolts are better,” Mr. Peterson said, “but we wouldn’t consider anything wrong with rivets.”

Yeah, except for the rivets not being strong enough, there wasn’t anything wrong with them at all…

Strange thing though: the NTSB let everyone know that something may […]

Republican Troop Hatin’

I knew something about the LGF blow-up (won’t link) over the military & progressives panel questioner earlier today (which will inevitably spread far and wide by tomorrow) struck me as weirdly topical, and then I remembered. We’ve just been treated to weeks of the Scott Thomas Who? There is no such Scott Thomas! “Scandal” wherein […]

For Shame

Even more ridiculous than the Republicans putting tax cuts over public safety, is that they will say infrastructure and social program spending will need to be further cut to fund the increased disaster relief that is now required.

UPDATE: California Republicans are already doing their best to ensure that the next collapse happens here.