Trash Wars

It just came to my attention that their is an island of plastic twice the size of Texas floating through the Pacific.


Good takes this opportunity to point out that we use too many plastic bags. A legitimate point (really, if war-time patriotism meant anything, wouldn’t it mean lowering one’s consumption of useless petroleum […]

The East Will Rise Again

Today, Pax Americana displayed its IGNORANCE of the Imminent Resurrection of the USSR. Obviously, The Pax has not been following the Ground-Breaking News out of Once Upon a Time in The West, which provides UnImpeachable Evidence that the collapse of the SOVIET UNION was a Strategic Deception designed to lure the US into a False […]

Garage Secret Societies

At Kosmograd, there is this post featuring the garages of Murmansk, where one may have a room of one’s own, though you may need to commute to it. I’m curious what the “so much going on” actually is, as this could mean anything from watching sports to fight club. When next I make it to […]

Monday Morning Compensation

I’m not sure what the right word is for how I feel about unfortunate towers. Part horrified, part impressed…I mean, it’s a giant train wreck suspended in midair! People watch Nascar for hours waiting for a crash, and here’s one continuously displayed for the joy of all.

Anyway, your new headquarters for Gazprom, Russia’s national […]