More Urinal Pandering

The people want urinals, and I’m a populist, so I’m going to give them what they want. The best (by which I mean creepiest) urinal I’ve ever had the pleasure of using is at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The weirdest part of peeing into the waterfall shown above is that it […]

Stencil Art

Picture provided by AmazingK. Thanks!

This stencil is on a water tower near San Luis Obispo. Others can be found in Hollywood. I think they’re an impressive use of the medium, and that the artist needs to post more in-place pictures. Please.


Seals Now!

I’ve given myself an allowance of one indulgent, self-involved post a day out of the hope that that means it will always be easy to scroll past my narcissism. However, the post doesn’t count against my total if there’s something redeeming in it.

Thus, the coolness that is Elephant Seals:

Picture provided by AmazingK. […]

Suburban Kids w/ Biblical Names

This clever tool brings some quantification to walkability competition, and there’s some good comments at City Comforts about the application and how different cities score.

Above are the stats for my childhood home in Bakersfield, CA. Unsurprisingly, given its slightly-better-than-suburb-but-not-much status, its performance is mediocre. If the metric took into account design, B-town would […]