The Airplane Critic

My in flight movie this past weekend was Fracture, which sucked. But I don’t want to talk about that. I’m still repressing it.

Before the movie, the Ebert & Roeper review of the film was aired…and they panned it. Well Roeper did anyway. John Mellancamp, the guest host, thought it was good, but he doesn’t […]

Geek Chic

From the brilliant folk at MIT, City Cars:

One of the proposed designs for dense urban areas is a stackable car for two passengers. Vehicle Stacks are located throughout the city to create an urban transportation network that takes advantage of existing infrastructure such as subway and bus lines.

From the nearly-as-brilliant folks at […]

In the Saddle Again

So I am home again, and relaunching Radio Corbu. I planned on posting a but more while traveling, but my host’s computer had this annoying tick where every few minuted the cd drive would open and close and open part way then start to close only to open fully and then close. I have no […]

LA’s Transit Oriented Development

Here is a nice summary of all the mixed use/affordable housing projects that have or will be built around the subway stop at Hollywood & Western. This is exciting to me, because I used to live in this area (and likely will again soon) and would love for […]