Chatting For the Greater Good

If strikes are caused by asymmetric information between companies and unions, then the easy solution is to eliminate the asymmetry: require companies to share all their financial information with union reps. It’s not ‘fair’ in that companies would still have no way of knowing the unions true willingness to strike, but I regard that as […]

Emergent Liberal Community

There’s an easy solution to the controversy over evangelical churches hosting Halo Nights:

Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Teens can get their kill on in a Christian way. Everyone wins except Satan! Unless you play as the Satanic forces. Slight bug there…

More Seriously, Zeitlin’s actual point in the above-linked commentary was that there is a […]


So here’s the most biased description of salting you’ll ever see:

“Salting” abuse is the intentional placing of trained union professional organizers and agents in a merit shop facility to harass or disrupt company operations, apply economic pressure, increase operating and legal costs, and ultimately put the company out of business.

Now why would […]

Union ’08

Unions have been beaten on so much, that, confronted with a field of Democrats that’s not overtly bashing them, they’re overjoyed. They should have higher standards. Union members vote Democratic in huge numbers and wrote the book on political ground-game. Without them we’d have Red America. That gives them right and ability to endorse any […]