Day of the Dead Forever

Photo by Xispas. Thanks!

Today is the awesome Dias de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery,and if you’re in LA, you really should go. Families line the pathways with altars to dead loved ones packed with pictures, favorite foodstuffs, stuffed animals, etc. (It’s something of a mindfuck regarding the ways we’re remembered after we’re […]


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bike in a madressa by tigrejones. Thanks!

Sometimes, I just want to be riding a bike through the souks of Marakesh.


Baker vs. Barstow

All I ask of a movie is that it have a plot. That’s it. If something — anything — is happening, I’ll get sucked in and need to watch to the end. (Most recent example: The Core. Shudder.)

My younger brother has been working as a grip on movies (I’m not sure what this means), […]

More Urinal Pandering

The people want urinals, and I’m a populist, so I’m going to give them what they want. The best (by which I mean creepiest) urinal I’ve ever had the pleasure of using is at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The weirdest part of peeing into the waterfall shown above is that it […]

Garage Secret Societies

At Kosmograd, there is this post featuring the garages of Murmansk, where one may have a room of one’s own, though you may need to commute to it. I’m curious what the “so much going on” actually is, as this could mean anything from watching sports to fight club. When next I make it to […]