Military Recruitment

Ezra Klein on Code Pink’s protest of a military recruiting station:

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin says “We feel that it’s our obligation because of this war to shut down the recruiting station.” That’s silly. When you focus your protesting on the military, you distract from the argument over the war. It’s a staggeringly bad idea.


Alternative 9/11s

An Absolution Revolution tells of Mel Gibson’s defeat of the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. This is similar to my approach to dealing with 9/11, which is to talk about the lesser known atrocities of the date, and try to counteract America’s 9/11 hyperbole via context. Except Jason went with a […]

Deposed Dictator Blogging

Pinochet was bad. Really, really bad. To recap:

Minimum number of executions: 3,000 Number of people imprisoned for their political beliefs: 27,000 Number of elected governments overthrown: 1 Years without democratic elections: 17

Given that, surely no one would try to defend the regime…but wait here’s John O’Sullivan making an ass of himself in the […]

Giving away other people’s stuff

Reading Klein’s and Meginnis’s posts on the US & Co. giving away other people’s land for a Jewish state, I wanted to note that it seems likely that Holocaust survivors themselves would have preferred American to Palestinian land. An extended footnote in Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle (pg. 92) lays out the evidence:

To my knowledge, there […]

3am Roundup

I went hiking today and neglected the internets. Disengaging actually feels pretty good, which is worrisome. I wouldn’t want to develop bad meatspace habits that interfere with my blogging. My readers (-der?) would cry.

Anyway, assorted thoughts:

Predictably, I join with my similarly draft-age comrades, Matt Zeitlin and Mike Meginnis in opposing the return of […]

Selective Service Models

The Selective Service has a name straight out of 1984, seeing as they’re not selective at all. Well, they do exclude the women, which in the minds of some dinosaurs might me ‘selective,’ since we all know men are Teh Best. However, that’s not why I brought you all here today. This image is the […]

Indefinate Detainment…is Bad

Posts like this are how I know that when there’s a Democratic president, this indefinate detainment farce will have to stop. It’s unquestionably a completely morally bankrupt problem policy, and people will point it out, again and again, until it stops. In fact, this needs to be asked of every Democratic candidate:

Will you promise […]

Bush Confuses Me

What I don’t understand about Bush’s strategy of indefinate detainment in Guantanamo for political reasons (as outlined by Brian Beutler) is that at some point, there will be a Democratic administration that will release people. Possibly not in 2008, but certainly by 2040s when detainees start dying of natural causes.

When that happens, there will […]

Republican Troop Hatin’

I knew something about the LGF blow-up (won’t link) over the military & progressives panel questioner earlier today (which will inevitably spread far and wide by tomorrow) struck me as weirdly topical, and then I remembered. We’ve just been treated to weeks of the Scott Thomas Who? There is no such Scott Thomas! “Scandal” wherein […]

When Wingnuts Invade

This post of Ezra Klein’s at Tapped, about conflict at a panel on the military and progressives at YearlyKos, really drew the chronically offended right-wingers out of the woodwork, spurred on by our friends at LGF. I wonder if this will have the staying power of “protesters spitted on returning troops and chanted ‘babykillers’” as […]

War is a Gendered Tragedy

I’m a week late to the party, but was very impressed with this article by Mike Meginnis:

War is a Gendered Tragedy

It’s well worth the read.

Inconsistent Paternalism

Matt Zeitlin makes the case that doctors refusing to give tubal ligations to women under thirty is okay because:

…everyone under 30 could use some soft paternalism, and permanent decisions of this nature ought to be extensively thought through, and then thought through some more. Doctor’s also have extensive personal and collective wisdom on this […]